Allergy Easer Roll-On Relief


Helps relieve asthma, hay fever, skin irritations and other allergic reactions.

Contains the following Pure Essential Oils: Organic Moroccan Blue Chamomile to help ease allergic reactions, Amni Visnaga for its anti-asthmatic properties, Hyssop and Rosewood to strengthen respiratory function and Lavender for overall relaxation. For respiratory issues, apply under nose. For itchy eyes, apply under eyes. For skin irritations, apply to affected area.
Ingredients:  Organic Aloe Vera Juice; Organic Jojoba Oil; Vegetable Glycerin; Xanthan Gum; Essential Oils of Moroccan Blue Chamomile, Amni Visnaga, Lavender, Rosewood and Hyssop; Grapefruit Seed Extract; Olive Leaf Extract and Propolis.
Allergy Easer Roll-On Relief
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  • Allergy Easer Roll-On Relief